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Little Falls, NJ — Recently, Jackals games have been heard on MixLr, a free streaming radio platform that allowed fans to hear every second of the action by visiting jackals.com and clicking “Listen Live.” This morning, however, the team is proud to announce that the Jackals Radio Network is expanding its reach, forming a partnership with 920 W.O.N. The Apple to broadcast 25 of its 96 games. 920 W.O.N. is a go-to station for nostalgia and oldies music, but has also carved out a successful niche for high school football and other sports. The Jackals are proud to join this platform to expand the awareness of the team and the exciting games that will be played at Hinchliffe Stadium and beyond.

“Obviously, long-time fans of the Jackals know they can visit our website and jump right into the game action by clicking the MixLr link,” Director of Media Relations Reed Keller said. “but this season is going to bring Jackals baseball to hundreds of new fans. Getting onto a radio station with its own listener-base was a huge goal of mine to help the franchise meet new fans. Consider it checked off!”

The 25 games W.O.N. plans to carry includes some of the biggest dates on the Jackals calendar. May 20th, Opening Day will be the first when the team lifts the curtain on Hinchliffe Stadium against the Sussex County Miners. Details on when a pregame show will begin on gamedays will be available soon. The full schedule is as follows:

May 20: vs. Sussex County, 6:05pm (Opening Day)

May 21: vs. Sussex County, 4:35pm

May 23: vs. Evansville, 10:35am

May 24: vs. Evansville, 10:35am

May 25: vs. Evansville, 6:35pm

June 2: at Florence, 7:03pm

June 6: vs. Washington, 10:35am

June 7: vs. Washington, 10:35am

June 20: vs. Empire State, 10:35am

June 21: vs. Empire State, 6:35pm

June 24: vs. New York, 6:05pm

June 25: vs. New York, 4:35pm

July 17: vs. New York, 10:35am

July 18: vs. Florence, 10:35am

July 19: vs. Florence, 10:35am

July 28: vs. Empire State, 6:35pm

July 29: vs. Empire State, 6:05pm

July 30: vs. Empire State, 4:35pm

August 2: vs. Sussex County, 10:35am

August 9: vs. Quebec, 10:35am

August 11: at Tri-City, 7:00pm

August 12: at Tri-City, 6:00pm

August 16: vs. Ottawa, 10:35am

August 30: vs. Empire State, 6:35pm

August 31: vs. Empire State, 6:35pm

More information on these broadcasts and all Jackals media will be available on a revamped Media page on jackals.com soon.

PHOTO CREDIT: 920 W.O.N. The Apple

REPORTING BY: New Jersey Jackals Media Relations Staff